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Kristen Tomlinson



I am a lover of people and books.

A counselor, teacher, and forever learner.   

A fighter for the underdog. 

An enneagram 1 wing 2.

A survivor. A griever. A mental health advocate.

A wife. A mother. A friend.

"Today I am thankful for all the conversations where people start by saying they're fine and then eventually tell the truth."

- Laura Buffington


  • Bachelor's of Arts in Liberal Studies

  • Certified Grief Counselor

  • Certified Tissue Banking Specialist


Katie Blossom

B.A., GC-C


Traveler. Nerd. Scorpio. Enneagram 4.

Pet Mom. Daughter. Sister.

I've been in love and I've been hurt.

I was almost a mom and I lost it.

Married and Divorced.

I've lost hope and didn't see the point of tomorrow.

But I fought back.

Against the sadness, the grief, the feeling of pointlessness.

I fought for the life I wanted and still have days where I struggle, but I have built a support system and learned how to get through it.

That's what we want to help you do and maybe talk about Harry Potter and our pets in the process.


  • Bachelor's of Art in History

  • Certified Grief Counselor



Our passion is for helping those in the darkness find the light.

Combined we have over 10 years of experience working in Mental Health, Crisis Intervention and Organ, Tissue, Eye Donation.

We want to help YOU find the light.

We want to give family, caregivers and friends the resources they need to care for their loved ones who may be struggling.

Please reach out to us today. You are not alone.

We Got You.

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