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2021: Surviving and Thriving

We made it! We made it through 2020 and now here we are in 2021. I feel like we should all just be proud of the fact that we made it through, however that looks. I am proud of you if you learned a new language, read 150 books, and took up painting. I am also proud of you if you snuggled up on the couch and binge watched Great British Bake Off while eating a whole package of Oreo's. (spoiler alert, I was option #2 most days) The key is to listen to your body, mind and soul to fill yourself up with what you need.

I am not sure we need to be making resolutions this year as it is all just so much, and who needs that added pressure?? How about we go with goals. Let's make some goals for 2021. Things we want to accomplish throughout the year, nothing big or grandiose; slow and steady or even vague wins this time so that we can check items off whenever we feel good about it! We are the boss of our goals, which is a nice to contrast to sometimes feeling like our Resolutions are the boss of us.

For example:

1) Read more books

2) Have a monthly friends get together (either in person when possible or over Zoom)

3) Spend more time in nature

4) Exercise a few days a week (go to the gym, do a home workout, hike outside, etc.)

5) Have a date night at least once a month

6) Attend more webinars, Zooms, Facebook Live events to learn about things I enjoy

I recommend keeping track of them in a journal by month. Write your goals that carry over from month to month and add to it as you see fit. You can add pictures, quotes, words, dates of fun events, etc. to create a vision board so to speak of what you want that month to look like. Keep it fun and low pressure. Allow yourself to enjoy the process without the heaviness of the usual New Year Resolutions that everyone seems to fail at year after year.

And remember, if some days the best you can do is lay in bed and snuggle your fur babies, that is enough. If you listen to a whole audiobook while baking cookies, that is enough. If you work really hard, study for your classes and are super productive, that is enough. We are going to work together both survive and thrive this year. We can do both without pressure or expectations, we can be proud of ourselves in all that we do.

I love you and I am proud of you. Always remember: We Got You.


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